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Riana Development Network

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Understand How It Works

Make sure you understand how Crowdfunding works. Before you start, check out the FAQs, tips and guidelines to a successful campaign, and our successful campaigns.

Refine Your Idea

Devise your ‘Straight to the point’ narrative and use it consistently throughout your campaign. Why you are doing this, how you came up with the idea, what’s the funds to be used for, and what it means to you.

Share your campaign

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and even Email to share your campaign with those in your life. Try make it personal and request them to support your cause and share it with their friends too.

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Share your personal story, millions of people are ready to support your cause.

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Increases awareness about your cause, to obtain financial resources.

Work For A Charity

There is no easier way to share your story and attract support.

Social Media Strengths

With social media platforms, its easy to spread the word worldwide.

Great Value

Every campaign is free to create. There are no additional fees or penalties.

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Raise 3x more money, crush fundraising goal with proven fundraising ideas.

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